EPFO Online Nomination Process


A subscriber needs to have an active Universal Account Number (UAN) for availing the online nomination facility. Also, their Aadhaar should be linked to the EPF account. A subscriber needs to follow these steps for online nomination facility:

1. Visit EPFO portal and log in with UAN and password

2. Click the ‘Manage’ tab, then go to e-nomination option.

3. The EPFO website will no show you details like UAN, name, date of birth, gender. You need to provide ‘current and permanent address’ details on this window then click ‘Save’.

4. Now, click on ‘Yes’ to update the family declaration. After this, go to ‘add family member(s) and add details of your family members whom you want to nominate. You will have to enter nominees’ names, date of birth, relation and address. More nominees can be added by clicking on ‘Add Row’. If the nominee is a minor then you need to assign a guardian.

5. Now, go to nomination details and enter the amount of share among the nominees. In case of a single nominee, declare share as 100%.

6. Now, click on the ‘Save EPF nomination’ to save all the details you have entered. After this, click ‘e-sign’ button to receive an OTP on your Aadhaar-linked mobile number. The Aadhaar e-signing is necessary for getting the e-nomination form approved.

7. Once you enter the OTP, e-nomination will get registered with the EPFO. You won’t have to send a physical document to the employer or the ex-employer after completing the online nomination process.

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